Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blue Eyed Soul

Blue Eyed Soul
This was an assignment from my color class with Bob in which we had to create an illustration based on a song. The song had to have a color in the title, and we had to integrate that color as the dominant one in the composition.
I immediately chose "Blue Eyed Soul" by Wilco and just loved working on the assignment.  I suppose it's because the song is one of my favorite ones, Bob is an awesome teacher, and I've reached complete comfort and happiness in painting with acrylic. 
Anyway, I love this one. 

"You've got a blue-eyed soul/ And if you don't let it show/ It'll leave you, you won't even know/ Without your blue-eyed soul.
Can you keep it simple? Can you let the snare crack?/ Can you let it move without holding back?/ Are you afraid to let it go/ Without your blue-eyed soul?
You're gonna lose control/ You're gonna lose control/ Without your blue-eyed soul." -Wilco, A.M.