Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Junior Reviews!

So, reviews went pretty well this semester. Got all of the commentary that I expected to get, and have been ordered to work on my color. The wall looked pretty nice to me, though, I felt I represented the way that I work pretty well... and I apparently enjoy drawing hearts a lot. I also like scratch board and circular compositions. Yaaay.

Been working on this one for a while and it's still a work in progress. I thought it would be a good idea to put it up, as its one of the largest pieces I've done in a long time. About 3.5 feet by 5 feet. Bob Maloney gave me some good feedback on it, and by his suggestion I'm going to try to make it as detailed as is humanly possible. All in all I really like it.

Though this one was probably the most daunting task that I gave myself for the semester, it was also the most rewarding and the most fun. I absolutely love working in scratch board, so I had a lot of fun just doing this (hand cramp and all). Basically I planned out a concert that would be the best thing to ever happen to me, i.e. Ben Folds and Damon Gough (better known as Badly Drawn Boy) collaborating in concert. Both of them have incredibly heart felt lyrics, passion, and absolutely charming geekiness to them. It would definitely be a dream concert... too bad it will only ever happen in my brain... oh well.

This was from one of our open drawing sessions from this year, run by the lovely Mister Reusch. Probably one of the best models we had all year in terms of her poses, her ability to hold them, and her attention to our directions. I got a few good portraits of her, so that made me happy.

Another pose of the same model.

What artist doesn't like doing self portraits. I considered using this one for a different project, but felt that it worked relatively well as a stand alone. I liked the composition too. I also really really like my Indiana Jones-esque scar on my chin, if you've seen any other self portraits I've done, you already know this.

Hm, I look a bit trashed in this picture. Hilarious.

Annd that's it for my Junior year. All of it ended off with seeing my man's final improv show (which was awesome), grabbing burgers with my friends, enjoying a nice cold beer, and celebrating my boyfriend's new job.

Thank God that it's over, I'm ready to go home and hang out with my mom.

Life couldn't be better.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

DP: Harpy Mask

At my college we have degree projects, equivalent to a thesis. My subject is the female monsters of Greek mythology. As part of this assignment, I am doing mixed media illustrations (mostly acrylic paint and wood-burning) with mask components.

This is the mask for the Harpy, modeled by and molded for the lovely Carly.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I find myself almost creepily enjoying the time of year right before finals.
The time is frustrating, time consuming, and exhausting, yet I feel so incredibly rewarded by all of my hard work. The knowledge that I am pretty severely busting my ass and working into the wee hours of almost every night makes me feel somehow accomplished.
All of my friends and I talk about the time spent in the studio, complaining about the hours upon hours which we could've spent sleeping, but also kind of using the hours as bragging rights.
You know why I'm badass? This week I've had one meal a day consisting of either salad, soup, or peanut butter and honey sammiches (yes, sammiches). I have either completed or fine tuned 10 projects. I have worked part time at my infuriatingly dull retail job. And I have gotten between 2 to 4 hours of sleep every night. Sure I feel a little bit like I'm going to die. But I also feel pretty damned hard core.

The saddest and most precious thing of all, though, is that ten years from now, when I look back on these days and sleepless nights, I will smile to myself and think what a great time I had.

I'm going to miss Bamcat throwing things because she's so tired, and Alex and I laughing our asses off at it because we're tired too.
I'll miss talking to Adam about our violent delinquent pasts.
I'll miss making fun of people with Luc.
I'll miss the freaking potluck dinners with almost nothing but carbs.
Jesus, I'll even miss falling asleep on the uncomfortable flame resistant furniture.
But mostly I'll miss the sense of comfort that everyone is going through the exact same thing.

Sitting Bull

This was done for my illustration III class as an assignment about a social activist. I chose to depict Sitting Bull and put emphasis on his connection to and respect for the Earth. I wanted to make the statement that he left a mark upon this world, much like the foot print of any animal. He donated his life's energy, much in the same way that an eagle sheds its feathers and a deer sheds its antlers: his spirit was a gift, but it came so naturally to him to give it for his people. He was a truly beautiful man.