Sunday, November 28, 2010

sketch book dump

So this Thanksgiving season, I had to work the day before and the day after the holiday, so instead of flying the thousands of miles (and paying hundreds of dollars) to my home state, I instead opted for having dinner with my lovely friend B.F.'s clan. It was a very fun and also a little surreal, considering that I had met his little brother (pictured here), little sister, and some cousins 6 years ago. It's crazy to see all of them all grown up.

The few days I was there were spent being silly and playing video games with B's cousins and interrupting S's sleep with Call of Duty. All in all, I missed my family a ton, but was happy to hang out with such a loving family.  One of B's little cousins even said that I had been adopted.


My fantastic friend, T.W., with his viking beard of awesomeness. I am proud to say that one of my best friends is a kickass blacksmith.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween makeups

Yes, those hooker hoops are mine.
My beautiful couply roommates, EE and DR, She was a pirate and he was her parrot. I costumed her (let it be known that I am always prepared to be a zombie or a pirate), and I did his face and hand painting.
Probably a couple of drinks deep at this point.
Annd this was my face for Halloween. Got lots of freaked out looks, but my mission on Halloween is to make men feel conflicted. Slightly sexy clothing, freakin scary makeup. Aw yissss.

Halloween Presents for Dawny

Made these for my friend Dawn, who actually wants to get comedy/tragedy tattoos eventually. I hope she liked these!